Solar RV & Marine Systems

RV & Boat systems are solar panel battery charging systems designed for mobile applications, like camping trailers, motor homes and boats and pretty much anything mobile with a battery. These systems in the past have typically been smaller solar charging systems designed to maintain and trickle charge batteries. Since panels have increased in efficiency and prices have drop drastically over the years, we now have systems that are capable of running all your power needs, with the exception of the air-conditioner.

PWM Charging Systems

PWM charging systems (Pulse Width Modulation) are the less expensive charge controller systems with limitations on the size of the solar kit. With these charge controllers you are forced to use a 12V solar panels in parallel. PWM charging systems are less expensive but also less efficient, only offering a 70 - 80% in efficiency when charging the batteries.

MPPT Charging Systems

MPPT charging systems (Maximum Power Point Tracking) are more expensive charge controller systems with the ability to install larger solar kits. The MPPT charge controller can handle 24V solar panels which are larger and less expensive per watt than the 12V panels. MPPT charge controllers are around 98% efficient when charging the batteries.

RV & Boat Inverter Systems

RV & boat power inverters are typically a pure sine inverter because of the sensitive electronics. It is important to know that you can’t just plug or wire in an inverter to RV’s because it will conflict with the shore power and damage the inverter. Also when using the inverter the built-in battery charger will attempt to charge the batteries from the same batteries. This will drain your batteries very fast. We offer a few Inverter kits that include the Auto Transfer Switch and fused by pass for the battery charger.