Mini Magnum Panel 250-30D


The MMP – Mini Magnum Panel is an inclusive, easy-to-install panel designed to work with one Magnum MS-AE, MS-PAE, MS, RD or other non-Magnum inverter / charger.


Mini Magnum Panel 250-30D

Small footprint:?only 12.5? x 18? x 8?

Money-saving design:?not only is the MMP less expensive, but it is pre-wired for fast installation, saving labor costs

Easy access:?front-mounted breakers and remote (optional)

Choices:?can be wired for 120 VAC or 120/240 VAC output

Inclusive:?works with non-Magnum inverter / chargers (may require the optional knockout plate for the top of the MMP: an?MMP-KP)

DC load breakers:?fits either din rail or back-mount DC load breakers.

  • One DC breaker ¨C 175A or 250A
  • One AC bypass breaker ¨C 30A dual pole or 60A single pole
  • One AC input breaker ¨C 30A dual pole or 60A single pole
  • 500A/50mv DC shunt
  • DC buss bars for battery positive and negative
  • Din rail or back mount for optional DC mini breakers ¨C will hold up to eight breakers
  • Inverter hood

Additional information

Weight32 lbs
Dimensions22 x 15 x 13 in
BrandMagnum Energy


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