2000 Watt RV/Boat Inverter Kit

RV/Boat – 2000W Magnum Inverter Kit


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This 2000 Watt RV/Boat Inverter Kit has all the cords, cables, wires, fuses, meters, and peripherals you need to make your RV or boat’s solar set-up sail smoothly.

As with all our products, this inverter kit comes with our amazing customer service and support. See below for full specifications.

2000 Watt RV/Boat Inverter Kit:

(Professionally Designed)


pro design

2000W Inverterline

MS-PAE_series_closed_web-150x150 Magnum 2000W Pure Sine Inverter

– Qty 1
– Battery Voltage: 12VDC
– Output: 120VAC, 60Hz
– 100ADC Battery Charger
– 30A Auto Transfer Switch
– Dimensions: 13.8″ x 12.7″ x 8.0″
– Weight: 42lbs

ME-RC50-small Magnum RC-50 Remote Meter

Inverter to Battery – Interconnect Cablesline

 interconnect cables 6 Foot – Interconnect Cables

– Red and Black Cables
– Wire Size: 2/0
– Lug Hole Size: 5/16

Inverter to Battery Cablesline

battery-cable image 1.5 Foot – Fuse to Battery Cable

– Qty: 1
– Wire Size: 2/0
– Lug Hole Size: 5/16

Fuse Holderline

bussman fuse holder image Bussman Fuse Holder

– Qty: 1
– Rated up to 32VDC

Inverter Line Fuseline

bussman fuse image Bussman Fuse

– Qty: 1
– 32VDC / 225ADC

AC Wire 5 Conductorline

 ac 5 wire conductor image Outdoor Rated Sleeved Wire

– 40 Feet
– 12 AWG Wire

Converter Fuse & Holderline

fuse and holder pix 15A Fuse & Holder

– 15A Blade Fuse
– Blade Fuse Holder
– 2 Marrets


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