Solar Off-Grid Systems

Solar off grid systems are with no utility power. The power is produced by solar panels, and/or back-up generators. The charges the battery storage bank and uses an inverter to invert DC power into AC power, inturn running your powered loads. Off-Grid systems are commonly used in remote applications with out grid power. Such as cabins, cottages, off-grid homes, resorts, farms, and simply anything that requires remote power.

Cabins & Cottage Systems

We try to make things simple with our Off-Grid ProDesign Solar Kits. These professionally designed solar kits are complete ready to install off grid solar kits. The kits are versatile and are a great place to start when trying to size a solar system for your application. We offer full in-house engineering, design & installation services. 

Homes / Resorts / Campsites

We offer a excellent services on complete Off-Grid systems for homes, resorts and campsites that require off grid applications. With our in-house engineers, electricians and installation experts we offer a complete line of services like no other.