Industry Solar Markets

Industry solar markets are becoming more and more popular each year with quite a diverse solar market in the trades industry. Every application that has a need for remote or mobile power can benefit 
and profit from solar energy.

Oil & Gas

We offer solar power solutions for the oil & gas market in Canada. Solar is a solid choice for reliable remote power applications that oil & gas companies need.


Solar powered telecommunications has since proven to be one of the most reliable, low cost solutions for powering the telecommunication industry today. We offer quality technical solutions through our in-house expertise.

Remote Security

We have expertise with remote security applications such as solar powered portable trailers, and numerous stationed solar powered security systems. We offer solutions.

Solar Powered Fleet Vehicles

Solar power in service vehicles is a growing industry with needs for powering tools, mobile work offices, and simply anything that needs mobile power well working away from the office.

Solar Signs & Lighting 

We offer a board range of solutions for solar lighting and signs. We are the experts when sizing the proper package for your solar applications.