Commercial Grid-Tie Solar Markets

Commercial grid-tie solar energy systems present substantial profit opportunities for businesses. Federal rebates on taxes coupled with current provincial incentives offer fast returns on your investment.

Commercial Grid-Tie Systems

Excellent Investment. Vast roof spaces offer large solar generation.Currently we have a country wide federal rebate which offers you to write off the business solar system taxes for 5 years. Adding to that, most provinces have incentives and rebates. Some provinces can see up to 50% off there systems.

Commercial Grid-Interactive Systems

Grid-Interactive systems are primarily grid-tied systems with battery storage, and can be used for either selling back to the grid when power is at a premium, or can be simply used as a battery back-up system when power fails.

Commercial UPS BackUp Systems

Robust battery back-up systems designed for critical loads that just can’t go down. Such as computers, servers, lights and/or anything you consider a critical load.